Safety Protocols

In response to Public Health Guidelines and Standards set out by the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO) I have created and will be implementing new safety protocols to protect the health of my clients, myself and my family.
  • You will be sent a COVID-19 screening survey via email 3-4 days before your appointment. You must fill this out. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of your appointment. I will also be asking you a series of screening questions when you arrive for your appointment.  Please answer all questions honestly, some responses may mean we have to reschedule your appointment, if this is the case I will do my best to rebook you in a timely manner or put you at the top of my cancellation list.These screenings are for your safety, my safety and all clients coming and going from the office. Some symptoms may not be related directly to COVID but as per the Ministry of Health may preclude you from receiving treatment (ie headaches).  I will be completing the self- assessment before every shift and reassessing between clients. 

  • While the nature of massage therapy requires us to be very close, when not providing actual hands on treatment I am asking that we maintain social distancing by standing 6 feet apart. ​

  • You will be required to wear a mask while in the office (and throughout your treatment). As the client, you may wear a disposable or reusable cloth mask as long as it covers your nose and mouth entirely. (Masks should fit snugly on your face to ensure no gaps for air to escape. A nose wire is helpful to create a tight fit. If wearing a cloth mask it is recommended to have at least 3 layers, or of which ideally being a non-woven fabric/filter).  If you do not have access to a mask please let me know prior to your arrival. It is not necessary to wear gloves as this often leads to accidental cross-contamination. I will be wearing a medical-grade mask (I may "double mask" with a cloth mask over top) and a face shield throughout the duration of your time in the office. I have completed appropriate training on safely using and disposing of PPE, related to droplet and contact precautions.

  • Because the waiting room is a shared area and I cannot predict who will be coming and going from other offices I ask that you do not come inside to wait. Please arrive as close to your treatment time as possible, remain in your vehicle, and text me with your name to let me know when you have arrived (my cell number will be included in your reminder email). When the office is safely disinfected and ready for you. Please be wearing your mask at this point. I ask that unless you are a parent accompanying your child, please come to your appointment alone.​

  • The office and waiting room will be fully stocked with hand sanitizer, please sanitize your hands upon arrival and any time you touch your face. As always, I will be washing my hands with warm soapy water (forearms and elbows included) before and after each treatment and will be sanitized regularly. I encourage you to try and use the washroom before arriving to minimize traffic. 

  • I will be using a cleaning solution that is approved by Health Canada. Surfaces that will be cleaned/disinfected include but are not limited to the table, face cradle and stool, client chair, desk, payment terminal/electronics, doorknobs, light switches,  bathroom surfaces/handles, and floors. Linens, as always, will be new for every client, stored in a sealed container after use and washed in hot water with bleach. Extra linens will no longer be stored in the treatment room. I will no longer be using a heating pad on the table and will be using vinyl pillows that can be disinfected and cover replaced with every new client. At this time I will not be offering Cupping Therapy to reduce the amount of equipment being used. 

  • Please plan to use only contact-free methods of payment (credit or debit cards that have tap), or email transfers

  •  I will be maintaining a log of all people entering the office (including their name and phone number) to assist with contact tracing if required, ensuring client confidentiality is maintained. In addition to clients, this may include couriers, guardians, and support people/workers.

  • I will currently only be offering 30 minute and 45 minute treatments, and will have a longer “gap” between appointments to ensure adequate time for cleaning, and that there is as little client cross over as possible. I will not be accepting new clients at this time.