Traditional Swedish Massage

In Ontario, all Registered Massage Therapists have been trained in Swedish Massage Therapy and it is considered the standard. Swedish massage generally involves oil or lotion and long relaxing strokes, firm compression's, and manual stretching of tissues. This work can also be done over clothing or the sheets if the client is more comfortable. The pressure used during a Swedish massage varies depending on the client's preference, and the structures being addressed. Swedish massage therapy is appropriate for all ages.


30 minutes          45 minutes         60 minutes

$60.00                 $77.00              $96.00

Additional Services...

Prenatal Massage

Massage therapy is safe and effective at any stage during pregnancy and can help to:

  • improve maternal mood 

  • decrease depression and anxiety

  • decrease pain

  • decrease maternal stress hormones

  • improve neonatal health and development

You can lay on your side or try a specially designed pregnancy pillow/bolster that would allow you to lay face down (You never have to commit to just one of these options, you can move/change positions at any point during your treatment).


Cupping Therapy

**service currently unavailable**

Cupping massage is a technique that can be integrated into any treatment and that focuses on addressing any myo-fascial restrictions in the body. Cups that are positioned strategically on the body (based on location of pain, what movements are being restricted and what structures are involved). Air is  removed from the cups to create a "suction" to help stretch and manipulate the myo-fascial connective tissue. Cups may be used in a stationary pattern or in a massage like motion.