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The Terrace Suites

328 Woolwich St. Guelph ON

My dear Guelph clients, 

It is so bittersweet to share with you that at the end of August (2022) I will be closing my schedule for my Guelph office.

This September will mark a year since my move to Stratford, and I have been so encouraged and touched by the level of enthusiasm and support you have shown me. After many discussions within our family, we decided that it is time for this last transition to occur.

I will miss my clients more than anything else in Guelph. I cannot adequately express how much I have looked forward to our times together and will miss catching up with you on a regular basis.

I truly hope this is not goodbye forever- you are always more than welcome to visit me at my Stratford office (and I can give you all the best recommendations to make a day of it!).


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